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What are Shungite Stones

       Where do Shungite stones come from  The only known Shungite deposits in the entire world are in Karelia Russia. Many believe that Shungite is from another place besides earth, meteor perhaps. But where ever its from a gift from above, or a gift of nature, or both. One thing is for certain Shungite is a real thing. How Old Is Shungite Shungite is one of the oldest minerals. Estimated to be 600 million to 4 billion years old or more.    Research has been done showing that the Carbon within shungite is as old as Creation its self. and because of its rarity and ability to fully absorb radiation some speculate is that Shungite could become as or more...

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Will Shungite protect you from 5g

 Will Shungite protect you from 5g Yes, Yes it will. Experience the regenerating power of Shungite for yourself, Bracelets, Pyramids, Harmonizers, Spheres and more Not only will Shungite absorb and protect you from the harmful affects of electromagnetic pollution  but can even eliminate Dangerous radiations like Cesium and Strontium as we will soon see. Yes Shungite Shields you from the harmful electromagnetic frequencies 5g, cell phones, computers, Modems, cell towers, TVs, etc. Providing healing on all levels. Shungite does more than Just effectively and economically eliminate radiation. Shungite Research Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology  Kansas State University, and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Scientists have Demonstrated that it is possible to fully absorb electromagnetic radiation.  Demonstrating A New Way To Absorb Electromagnetic Radiation. For the experiment...

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