What are Shungite Stones


Where do Shungite stones come from

 The only known Shungite deposits in the entire world are in Karelia Russia.
Many believe that Shungite is from another place besides earth, meteor perhaps. But where ever its from a gift from above, or a gift of nature, or both. One thing is for certain Shungite is a real thing.
Shungite Pyramid

How Old Is Shungite

Shungite is one of the oldest minerals. Estimated to be 600 million to 4 billion years old or more. 
  Research has been done showing that the Carbon within shungite is as old as Creation its self. and because of its rarity and ability to fully absorb radiation some speculate is that Shungite could become as or more valuable than gold.
 The Russians have been diligently studying the property's of Shungite sense the early sixties, and have enjoyed the benefits of Shungite and Shungite Water sense taken control of the area, in the eighteen hundreds.
The Karelia  area was Swedish from the early thirteen hundreds  until the eighteen hundreds when imperial Russia stepped in to that area.
Ultimately winning the Russians the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996
  For there research on The Shungite Stone.
Shungite Pyramid

What is a Shungite stone.

  At first glance It is much like coal in the fact that they are both black or a gem like obsidian stone,  But is closely related to Graphite and Diamonds as all three, Shungite Graphite and Diamonds, are each carbon based. have have there own uniquely shaped carbon molecule.
But unlike coal, gem stones, graphite or diamonds, Shungite is much more than just a lump of carbon. Shungite is a precarious Gem. composed of
composed of 98% carbon.
Shungite Pyramid

What is Shungite used for

Shungite has some Amazing Property's, It purifies and cleans water and air of inorganic and organic compounds as well as the ability to destroy free radicals.
  Shungite neutralizes impurities including heavy metals. chlorine, ammonia, nitrates, fluoride and pesticides.

Recent Research has shown

Shungite produces a revolutionary shielding effect, and has proven to be the most effective and affordable substance for blocking or neutralizing all known harmful electromagnetic radiation from: Computers, TV Sets, Cell Phones, 5g,  Microwaves Ovens and other electronic devices of our modern age.
With the modern society that we live in, not only are we all bombarded by chemical pollutants and electromagnetic pollution.
but Nature itself is also being effected, plants and animal alike. But Shungite by design is an natures remedy to our bleak situation.
 Shungite Pyramid

How does Shungite work

  The scientists that have investigated Shungite have declared unanimously, that it is a “Miracle Mineral”. The Shungite Stone fully absorbs and eliminates all that imposes a hazard on the living systems. But also concentrates and restores all that is healthy and productive for life to flourish.
  One of the more important discovery's of there research, was that of the Fullerenes carbon molecule. First published in 1985 by Buckminster Fuller. The Molecule Forms what is known as the Buckyball
  Here is a partial list of some of the amazing property's of the Fullerenes buckyball found within the Shungite Stone.
   Its a Super conductor.
   It aids in cellular regeneration .
   It neutralizes electromagnetic frequencies.
   It Purifies and energizes water .
It Shields against all electromagnetic radiation within its range of influence.
It Promotes healthy growth and mental acuteness
Shungite not only is a source of natural Fullerenes but contains almost the entire periodic table.
Shungite stones have the ability to destroy radiation and absorb harmful electromagnetic waves.
It has been demonstrated that Shungite produces a field that electromagnetically impacts our bio photons. When Shungite is placed on or near us, our brain patterns actually change.
Along these same lines, Shungite has also been used for Restoring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, Cell rejuvenation, personal growth and transformation, Increases personal power, Boosting energy and Normalizing sleep
I would challenge you to see for yourself what impact Shungite has on your life.
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What can Shungite do for you.

  Shungite fullerenes can normalize cellular metabolism, increasing em-zine activity promoting the stability of the cells which in turn promotes the regenerative ability's of bodily tissues.
“It actually has a positive cleansing effect on the blood”!
  Shungite helps protects your body from the adverse effects of free radicals, free radicals are part of the natural processes of aging. Shungite prompts the body to create new stem cells within the blood stream. Simply amassing.
  Shungite Fullerenes influence the exchange of neuro transmitters, as well, increasing the work capacity of a person and there resistance to stress.
  Shungite fullerenes has expressed inflammatory, antihistamine effects, helps to re-leaving pain, even suppressing the effects of allergies and improved immunity.
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