Flower Power Tea

  Flower Power Tea's Each Have There Own Unique Property whether Your Making Your Own Tea's, Mask's, Soap's. Or Using In Your Bath Water Or Washbasin You Will Be Amazed Delighted With The Results. Our Wide Selection Of Tea's Here at Shungite Mountain Will Help You Look And Feel Young Again.
Flower Power Tea's
Enjoy The benefits Of Tea The Way Nature Intended
Flower Power Tea Has Antioxidant properties, Improves metabolism and induces fat burning, Helps to prevents cancer, Relieve's stress, lowers the risk of infection, Lowers the risk of Neurol Degenerative Disorders.
Traditional Benefits of Flower Power Tea
 Improvements In The Liver Eyesight, Blood Pressure, And Anti-Aging Property's  Among Others 
Create Your Own Unique Blend And Enjoy The Benefits Of Flower Power Tea.
Storage life: 24 months 
Storage condition: Seal under ventilated, dry, cool, clean, odor-free environment. 
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