About Us

Here At Shungite Mountain We care About You.
If Your Sick and Tired Of of Pop Up Adds, And Over The Top Scams And Prices, You Have Come to The Right Place.
 Hi I'm Robert Edwards Founder and CEO Of Shungite Mountain.
We Offer Authentic Shungite Products Straight From The Zazhoginsky mine located in The Republic of Karelia In Russia, Through Shungite Life.  With an 365 day return guaranty. with the best prices ive seen online for quality Shungite. We also have Our USA Affiliate Cosmic Reality Portal Located In The Great State Of Washington.
  Here At Shungite Mountain You Are More Than A Customer, You are a Friend. And Treated as such.
   Getting To Know Us Here At Shungite Mountain Is Easy
 Each Month For All That You Do, I Post A New Story, Poem, Or Verse Or Two.
Its said that my Story's Poems and Songs "Have Life"
 There's No Obligation, Nor Any Cost To You. For Your Support My Friends, Its The Least I Can Do.
We Are Based Out Of The Great State Of Kansas
And Look Forward To Hearing From You.
Most Of All
Thank You For Supporting Shungite Mountain
"For All You Do Our Hearts Out To You"
My Best Regards
Robert Edwards.
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