Elite shungite

    Elite Shungite is the very best of quality

Elite Shungite is a rare mineral Having an Higher content of fullerenes.

 90 to 99% weight of organic carbon.

  The scientific hardness of the Elite Shungite stone is registered at 3.5. This is  the higher grade of Shungite.

  Elite Shungite is 70% to 100% stronger

And can used by those who tend to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields.
The properties of Elite Shungite, compared to a regular carbon water filter.
  When you filter water through carbon filter it, it takes away the metals and other debris in your water including chemicals, leaving your water fresh and clean tasting in this posses. The molecule clusters in a carbon water filter range between 7 and 8. But The complex qualities in Elite Shungite with its carbon matrix of fullerenes range between 70 and 80 !  This is a huge difference.

Shungite EMF protection is a realityThe complex carbon matrix of fullerenes, traps EMF's waves and absorbs it taking it away .

A pendant, or key chain could be the one thing you need.
 Elite Shungite will protect you and those you love from the harmful effects of Emf.
 Shungite EMF protection is a known solution to some of the effects caused by being around cell towers, modems, computer and High exposure work environments.
-Elite shungite stones 1-elite shungite key bob -elite shungite charmer-
Elite Shungite            Elite Shungite                 Elite Shungite
          5 to 14 Grams           15 to 29 Grams                Pendant                
    $ 0.50 Per Gram           $  0.60 per Gram            $ 7.60  1.5 to 2 CM              
-elite shungite  30 to 50 stone-elite shungite stone 50 to 70 -elite shungite 70 to 100 emf-
Elite Shungite            Elite Shungite                 Elite Shungite
30 to 49 Grams           50 to 69 Grams             70 to 99 Grams
$ 0.70 Per Gram         $  0.80 per Gram              $  0.90 per Gram
-elite shungite med to large-large Elite Shungite stone-Elite Shungite pendant choker-
Elite Shungite            Elite Shungite                 Elite Shungite
100 to 199 Grams           200 to 350 Grams          Pendant             
$ 0.70 Per Gram           $ 0.80 per Gram               $ 0.90 per Gram
-Elite Shungite key chain bob-Elite Shungite gold key chain-
       Elite Shungite Key Chains          Elite Shungite Key Chains                  
           100 to 199 Grams                      200 to 350 Grams                        
        $ 7.60                                        $ 8.10                        
-Elite Shungite small batch-Elite Shungite med stones lot-Large Elite Shungite stones.-
Choice Elite Shungite        Choice Elite Shungite      Choice Elite Shungite  
       25 Gram Lot                         50 Gram Lot                  100 Gram Lot          
        $ 9.80                               $19.40                         $ 40.40               
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