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Shungite And Lapis Bracelet ( Medium )

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     Shungite And Lapis Bracelet ( Medium ) 
Shungite & Lapis Bead Bracelet - (size medium)
We use 8 mm Karelian Shungite & 8 mm Lapis beads with a single 10 mm Shungite bead. The elastic cord used is double the standard thickness for extra durability.
The medium bracelet is sized for larger wrists. Someone with a 7 inch wrist will find this size to be "snug" not "tight" and due to the elasticity can actually be worn on a 8 inch wrist.
Shungite is a magnificent gift from Gaia. Its existence on Earth has not been explained. The Shungite sold on this site comes from the Zazhoginsky deposits in the Russian Republic of Karelia near the eastern border of Finland. We consider every piece of Shungite to be a sacred gift and we treat it as such. Please see the following link for more information on Shungite. 
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