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High Shungite Pyramid

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High Shungite Pyramid
Shungite Produces A Torsional Field Which Reflects Pathogenic Rays And 
Protects You From The Harmful Effects Of Electromagnetic Frequencies "Radiation" 
From TV-set, computers, microwave ovens. 
Purifies Negative Energy. From Jewelry, Coins And Other Small Items. 
Here At Shungite Mountain We Care About You.
Experience The Regeneration Characteristics Of Shungite restore vitality Release stress

Made from a single piece of Authentic Shungite
 The size of base is 50 x 50 mm. The height is 100 mm. This pyramid creates the energy field with the radius 2,8 m and able to clear 1,8 liters of.
Thank You For Supporting Shungite Mountain
" For All You Do Our Hearts Out To You "